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Hacked By Dj_Taleh

Pirates-CREW and Warrior-TURK

Your System is Owned! Fuck u «russia» and Fuck u «armenia» !!! We do not conquer the Earth stayed in it Mecca.
But we do not conquered it! We are the Mecca!
In other words, the Prophet Muhammad, the Messenger of God's soldiers !!!
Greetz :
Explosion : BlacK GhosT : 0×0019024 : aLLiGaToR
A55A551N : QUB3RN4T0R : D3F4C3R : Vu Goo : 3lnur312 : Ziko : The DesmonD : Ekber48 : K!CKOOPS : Fiko : r00tLine 

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